Achieving a Real-Time View of Machine Data

Kongsberg Maritime based in Norway provides technology solutions for the global maritime market. The company wanted a real time, or a close to real time as possible, view of all seafaring operations to help customers across a range of industries improve safety and performance.

In a presentation at Data Summit in NYC, Tara Bruckert, director of technology solutions at Attunity, showcased how Kongsberg Maritime implemented a joint Microsoft-Attunity solution with a platform called Kongsberg Information System that includes SQL Server for Embedded Systems as the database platform and Attunity Replicate for data movement.  

By achieving a continuous flow of data between offshore vessels and operations on land, and sharing that data with customers and additional third parties, Kongsberg and other organizations have a complete picture of data generated by machines and sensors onboard ships. The result is improved troubleshooting, enhanced safety and decision-making, and a decreased need for service personnel onboard the ships.

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