Acquisition of Akiban by FoundationDB Merges SQL and NoSQL Worlds

In a move designed to provide SQL capabilities on top of FoundationDB, the Vienna, Virginia-based company has announced the acquisition of Akiban Technologies.  FoundationDB is a scalable and fault tolerant NoSQL database with high performance cross-node fully ACID transactions. Akiban provides a SQL database with an object-structured design.

According to FoundationDB, its own technology provides more of a storage substrate than a fully featured database, and relies on higher-level tools to provide FoundationDB with traditional database capabilities such as indexing and query languages. Akiban has created an abstraction between its own underlying storage substrate and its database’s API and capabilities. Akiban’s abstraction is an ordered, transactional, key-value store for its storage layer—which is also what FoundationDB provides, meaning  that Akiban’s technology is a natural fit as a powerful layer on top of the FoundationDB engine, according to FoundationDB. 

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