Actian Eases Big Data BI with Actian Analytics Platform – Hadoop SQL Edition and New Logi Analytics Partnership

Actian has announced the general availability of the Actian Analytics Platform – Hadoop SQL Edition. According to the vendor, the new offering provides the broad SQL support that users require from an enterprise-grade analytics database. The maturity of Actian’s SQL environment also enables the product to deliver DBMS security, encompassing users, roles, and authentication with ACID-compliant reliability. 

In addition, the Actian Analytics Platform combined with Logi Info now offers customers a comprehensive analytics platform to connect, visualize, analyze and act on big data.

The Actian Analytics Platform connects massive amounts of structured and unstructured data via its data flow capabilities, and enables developers to run advanced data analytics natively in Hadoop with speed and scalability. 

The Logi Info analytics platform delivers critical insights to a large number of people through highly interactive and visual dashboards, reports and mobile applications. Logi Info can also seamlessly embed analytics directly into operational business applications, providing users with the analytics they need in the context of how they do their jobs.

“The next 30 years will be about analytics workloads – the tap has been turned on and will not be turned off,” said Fred Gallagher, vice president, strategic business, Actian Corporation. “We are pleased to partner with Logi Analytics to provide our customers with an affordable portfolio of business intelligence products that enable end users to capture the time value of their data.”

The Hadoop SQL Edition is now generally available, and follows Actian’s new all-in-one platform pricing that gives organizations the affordability and flexibility to grow and change with their business needs.

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