Actian Enables Business-Critical Analytics in Hadoop for SQL Users

Actian Corporation has announced that the Actian Analytics Platform, an end-to-end analytics platform built to run natively in Hadoop, will enable high performing, fully compliant SQL in Hadoop.  Combined with Actian’s visual data flow framework, Actian says its platform now makes Hadoop data repositories accessible to the entire enterprise by allowing SQL users and business analysts to conduct advanced analytics directly on data  in the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS).

The result, the company says, is that organizations investing in Hadoop will be able to broaden the scope of data discovery, increase the accuracy of decisions, and speed time to value.

According to Actian, business analysts and BI tools have been locked out of the big data lake because only a subset of SQL was supported in Hadoop. Some SQL queries would not run in Hadoop while others had to be completely rewritten due to incomplete SQL support. Actian’s platform addresses this issue by providing broad SQL support that users demand from an enterprise-grade analytics database. According to the vendor its SQL environment also provides the necessary DBMS security, encompassing users, roles, and authentication with ACID-compliant reliability. 

“The world’s highest performing companies have been using Hadoop to unleash transformational value from big data; however, access has been limited to a small group of data scientists. Actian has removed all major barriers to big data analytics on Hadoop—basically making Hadoop industrial strength,” said Steve Shine, CEO and president of Actian. “The Actian Analytics Platform now allows millions of business users to get fast answers and insights by providing turbocharged analytics and SQL in Hadoop without compromising security or data integrity. By tightly embedding our record-breaking SQL engine within every node of Hadoop, our platform transforms how customers will use Hadoop and delivers a solution that is years ahead of the competition.”

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