Actian Enhances Cloud Security

Actian, the hybrid data management, analytics, and integration company, is releasing Actian Vector 5.1 and Actian Vector on Microsoft Azure to bring better security measures to analytics in the cloud.

This edition of the analytic database boosts performance and adds new security features, providing customers with fine-grained control and customized protection capabilities to strengthen compliance with core General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements.

 Actian Vector 5.1 provides an array of enterprise security features to better protect and carefully manage and control data access:

  • Stored procedures: Database administrators can control user access to sensitive data by limiting them to specific stored procedures, preventing unauthorized disclosure. Stored procedures also guard against a broad range of malicious cyber-attacks and can be used in conjunction with embedded alerts to enhance data security.
  • Column data masking: Masking select data fields allows only authorized individuals to see the full underlying data (like Social Security numbers or account numbers). Unauthorized users can be blocked from sensitive data, preventing unintended access.
  • Function-based encryption: Protect data in motion by enabling applications to encrypt and decrypt sensitive data within the application before it is stored in Actian Vector database tables.

This new offering reflects Actian’s “any cloud” hybrid data strategy to ensure data-driven organizations can harness any data, with the right tool, in any place, ensuring choice and superior business outcomes.

“Customers need a future-proof analytics solution that is designed to meet their demanding enterprise requirements as they connect to existing and new data sources,” said Emma McGrattan, SVP of Engineering at Actian. “With the release of Actian Vector 5.1, we’re delivering enhanced performance, security, and deployment options to enable businesses to more easily gain the insights they need into their customers, markets, and operations to grow revenue and profitability while reducing risk.”

Actian Vector 5.1 for Linux is available immediately through, AWS Marketplace and Microsoft Azure, with a Windows version anticipated in early Q3 2018.

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