Actian Introduces New Products to Follow Updated Company Vision

Actian is rolling out a new portfolio focusing the brand on addressing the demands of today’s hybrid data-driven enterprises.

“What you see is a connected, seamless approach to delivering against hybrid data with two new products we are announcing,” said Jeff Veis, SVP of marketing at Actian.  

The company is introducing Actian X, a native hybrid database that combines the power of the proven Actian Ingres OLTP database with Actian’s Vector analytics query engine to deliver improved performance and scalability.

Actian X brings the performance of Actian Vector analytics into the heart of the OLTP database to effortlessly process transactional, analytical and hybrid workloads from a single database running on a single compute node.

Actian X’s common SQL language interface and management framework seamlessly deliver operational analytics and enable a new class of applications that can interleave OLTP and analytics queries on the fly.

Besides cost savings, this is going to enable companies to create fundamentally a new generation of analytical apps, Veis said.

Key features of the new release include expanded operational analytics with existing Ingres applications; advanced in-database functionality with new OLTP features and geospatial algorithm support; improved outcomes with integration capabilities to extend connectivity to a broad spectrum of data sources both inside and outside of the enterprise;  Actian enterprise monitoring appliance to keep track of the health of the database and host system; and an improved disaster recovery.

Additionally, the company announced Actian DataConnect 11, Actian’s next generation cloud architecture. New features include intuitive workflow design, simplified administration, and support for the popular Eclipse open source data framework.

“These are two key offerings that are behind our strategy to focus on hybrid data,” Veis said.

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