Actian Leverages Recent Acquisitions to Launch Cloud Integration and Big Data Analytics Platforms

Big data analytics provider Actian is putting assets from the recent acquisition of ParAccel, Pervasive Software and Versant Corporation to work. The company announced plans to offer two new platforms, the Actian DataCloud and ParAccel Big Data Analytics Platforms. The Actian DataCloud and ParAccel Big Data Analytics Platforms are designed to provide end-to-end capabilities, from data connection through preparation and analytics, all the way to automated action. Built on technology that takes advantage of advances in chips, cores and clusters, the company says the platforms provide clients with integration and analytics on any data.

“We believe that every company, no matter its size, should harness the promise of big data and analytics, and we’ve invested hundreds of man-years and millions of dollars to deliver two scalable, completely modern platforms that marry our decades of data expertise with innovative, cutting-edge architectures,” said Steve Shine, chief executive officer of Actian.

Actian DataCloud is am elastic cloud-based platform that integrates cloud and on-premises applications while providing data quality and other data services. The Actian DataCloud platform provides data and application integration in the cloud by giving users the option to choose from three tiers. Invisible Connect provides “one-click” integration between existing SaaS or on-premises applications that meets the ‘instant-on’ demands of line-of-business users who never think about data integration. Basic Connect provides prepackaged apps, maps and data services that let business users conduct self-serve mapping between targeted files or applications through a three-step UI while masking data integration complexities. And finally, Advanced Connect offers enterprise-grade, data integration, data profiling and data matching capabilities that can scale and perform in demanding environments with the agility to accommodate rapidly proliferating and evolving data sources.

In addition, the ParAccel Big Data Analytics Platform is a real-time, high-performance platform that enables analysis of data while removing constraints around size, speed and complexity. The platform provides users with the ability to do predictive analytics, prescribe the next best action, prevent damage to their business and discover hidden risks and opportunities – without requiring deep data science skills.

New capabilities include high-speed execution for data provisioning, data discovery and native Hadoop analytics, expanded analytic libraries that enable rapid deployment of highly targeted analytics for specific requirements including customer segmentation, fraud prevention, risk and digital marketing optimization, and a scalable platform that addresses analytics needs for startups to large-scale enterprises.

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