Actian ParAccel Delivers Advanced Analytics on Hadoop Data

Actian, provider of data management solutions, has announced the general availability of its Hadoop On Demand Integration module v2.0 for ParAccel, including support for HCatalog, the centralized metadata repository supported in Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) and other distributions of Hadoop. This solution addresses the challenges of running advanced analytics on big data in Apache Hadoop.

The Hadoop On Demand Integration module v2.0 for ParAccel establishes parallel, bi-drectional connections between the ParAccel Analytics Platform and Hadoop, enabling analysts to access Hadoop data at query time without an additional integration process or tool. “We have designed our analytic engine to do high-performance, high-speed analytics on large amounts of data as part of a greater ecosystem. If you have an analyst using a SQL-based tool or doing advanced analytics or building analytic applications, they can directly leverage the power of ParAccel analytics platform,” John Kreisa, ParAccel VP of marketing, tells 5 Minute Briefing. Any analyst can run high-performance, advanced analytics across data in Hadoop with a single SQL query.

To reduce the complexity of analysis in Hadoop, analysts can write a SQL query to ParAccel Analytic Platform, which access Hadoop data via the On-Demand Integration module and moves it into ParAccel for analysis. Parallel connections and optional HCatalog support provide the most efficient data movement between Hadoop and ParAccel, filtering and moving only the subset of data needed for a partircualr analysis at query time, without a secondary process or tool. “ParAccel is a platform for large-scale advanced analytics. Our goal is to deliver building blocks that are easy to use and we solve the complexity underneath so that you don’t have to,” Walt Maguire, ParAccel director of analytics, explains. Analysts benefit from inline SQL access to big data to run advanced analytic functions, such as predictive analytics, market based functions, pattern matching and social-ware text analytics.

The ParAccel Hadoop On Demand Integration module is available now. For more information visit