Actian Releases Solution for Android to Create Intelligent Apps

Actian, provider of hybrid data management,  is releasing the Actian Zen Core database for Android, giving developers the ability to create more intelligent apps.

Actian Zen Core database for Android focuses squarely on the needs of Edge and IoT application developers, providing persistent local and distributed data across intelligent applications embedded in smart devices.

“We positioned ourselves as the hybrid data company,” said Jeff Veis, SVP, marketing, Actian. “Our view is that this diversity and decentralization of data, it’s not a flaw, it’s a feature.”

Actian Zen Core database for Android lets developers deploy data across branch and remote sites where it is accessible by thick clients, mobile thin clients, or even IoT devices.

Developers can also extend out to mobile workforces and operational technology environments with the same enterprise-grade architecture for data management.

Actian Zen Core database for Android gives developers new features, such as data management without requiring the aid of a database administrator, portability across a broad spectrum of operating environments (from edge IoT to cloud), accessibility from any program language, and an embedded OEM model that enables developers to “set-and-forget.

The Actian Zen Core database for Android is a NoSQL, zero DBA, embeddable, nano-footprint (2MB minimum) edge database for SIs, ISVs, OEMs, and Enterprise customers building in-house applications that need to embed a data management platform in their Android apps, from smartphones to POS terminals to industrial IoT.

Developers can build apps using the Android SDK and other 3rd party tools to deploy on any standard or embedded platform running Android. Actian Zen Core database for Android supports zero ETL data sharing to any Actian Zen family server or client database.

“We’re opening up to new communities and that’s exciting,” Veis said.

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