Actian Transforms IoT With Next Gen Embedded Database Platform

Actian, a data management, analytics and integration company, has introduced new multi-platform editions of the Actian Zen Embedded database solution family designed to address the demanding scale-down and scale-out requirements of data-centric IoT solutions.

This offering provides the industry with an enterprise-ready embedded database solution that works across gateways and edge devices to give developers a seamless experience when moving data from edge to edge across the enterprise.

Actian Zen’s technology delivers a common data type and file format across a range of platforms – from the edge to the gateway to the enterprise – eliminating the need for customized extract, transform and load (ETL) and integration code and enabling developers to focus on creating value-add application features.

Actian is now adding two new platform offerings, Actian Zen IoT Server and Actian Zen IoT Core, as well as support for several new operating systems to provide a database solution for endpoint device and edge/gateway applications.

The Actian Zen IoT Server, database for the gateway, enables developers targeting low-cost platforms, like Raspberry Pi or other single board computers, to develop and address edge and gateway applications.

Actian Zen IoT Core, which supports the popular Android and iOS mobile operating systems features an embeddable runtime library that can be integrated into mobile device applications.

 Actian Zen IoT Server evaluation versions are available immediately with a 500-user developer kit for non-production use and in 100, 250 and 1000-user packs generally available in Q1 CY 2018. Standard installations will be for up to 10 users per machine. Actian Zen Embedded database is now available on Raspbian (ARM), Windows IoT Core (Intel and ARM), Windows NanoServer (Intel), Linux (ARM and Intel), Windows (Intel) and Mac OS (Intel).

The Actian Zen IoT Core edition is planned for availability in Q2 CY 2018.

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