Actian Vectorwise Announces Hadoop Data Connector for Real-Time Data Analysis

Data management provider Actian has announced the upcoming release of its Hadoop Data Connector, which will increase performance and make analysis of Hadoop data more affordable for businesses and enterprises. With bi-directional data integration, Actian Vectorwise optimizes the analysis of Hadoop data, providing enterprises with actionable information for business decisions. The Hadoop Data Connector allows businesses to alternate between running quick, interactive queries in Vectorwise and running large-scale Hadoop data analysis.

By allowing businesses to move data in and out of analysis in near real-time, the Actian Vectorwise’s Hadoop Data Connector seeks to deliver high performance and affordability that will drive business value. “Hadoop provides a very cost-effective platform for storing data. What we add to the mix is an ability to shrink the amount of time to analyze that data,” Fred Gallagher, Actian’s GM, Vectorwise, explains to 5 Minute Briefing. By combining the affordability of Hadoop with the performance of Vectorwise, the Hadoop Data Connector enables IT to help business make quicker and better decisions. “The key is having that connection to business value,” Gallagher says.

The Actian Vectorwise Hadoop Data Connector will be available for general download at the end of 2012. To learn more about this product, visit