Actian and Attivio Form Strategic OEM Agreement

Attivio, creator of the Active Intelligence Engine (AIE), and Actian, a provider of next-generation big data analytics, have announced a strategic OEM agreement for Actian customers. The agreement allows Actian customers to integrate and correlate human-generated, unstructured content sources with their structured data analytics to increase the return on their information assets.

According to the vendors, Actian’s technology was written to take maximum advantage of the capabilities of modern commodity servers. The addition of Attivio AIE’s ability to include “big content” sources, to Actian’s ParAccel Big Data Analytics Platform completes the big data analytics picture to improve its impact and value.

“We look at Attivio as one of the leaders in unstructured content analysis and we wanted to enable our technology to really leverage Attivio to address the variety of large data, and to enable text analytics in the context of large volume analytics with ParAccel,” said Mark Van de Wiel, director of product management at Actian.

Business users can now gain new, real-time business insights that help build revenue, cut costs and increase competitiveness and manage risk “The partnership is an OEM relationship; customers are able to get this combination delivering all the dimensions of big data now directly from Actian including the best-of-breed big content capabilities that we are bring to the table,” explained Rik Tamm-Daniels, vice president of technology, Attivio.

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