Actian and Sotero Partner to Deliver Secure Data Migration and Enterprise Key Management

Actian, a provider of hybrid cloud data warehousing and data integration software, has formed a strategic partnership with enterprise data protection provider Sotero. This partnership incorporates Sotero’s KeepEncrypt 360 solution into the Actian Avalanche hybrid cloud data warehouse service, extending Avalanche’s enterprise-class security.

The combination of Actian Avalanche and Sotero KeepEncrypt 360 offers enterprises end-to-end encrypted data security across all enterprise data, both at rest and in motion, and ensures that regardless of workload or location, data is protected. In addition, this partnership delivers automated threat detection and prevention, further mitigating risk for data warehouse processes with Actian. This critical capability enables data security for data migrations across enterprise systems and operational data warehouse analytical workloads, both in the cloud and the data center.

Sotero was engineered to address the inherent limitations of today’s data protection products. Sotero, with KeepEncrypt, enables data to stay encrypted through the entire lifecycle, thereby eliminating the vulnerability of today’s data solutions to decrypt data for use. Sotero is also architected to operate in scale and support the high performance Actian solution. Sotero is a comprehensive solution providing role-based access control with built-in key management and key rotation. Similar to Actian, Sotero is a multi-cloud solution that enables organizations to operate in their cloud of choice.

The Avalanche single tenant architecture ensures high levels of security by providing private network isolation, disk and columnar encryption, built-in data masking, robust access control capabilities, as well as 24x7 maintenance and monitoring. As part of the Cloud Security Alliance, Actian continuously adopts best practices to ensure secure cloud computing. Its robust Cloud Security Framework ensures SOC-II 2 compliance.

“Actian customers deploying cloud data warehouse solutions are looking for the ability to manage encryption and key management across multi-cloud platforms and in a hybrid deployment with a centralized solution,” said Marc Potter, chief revenue officer, Actian. “Enterprises are also looking for secure data migration between environments as they move from on-premise to a hybrid or multi-cloud environment. The partnership between Sotero and Actian provides customers with the industry’s first solution to address these requirements with zero impact on performance.”

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