Actiance Updates its Platform to meet Rigorous Communication Standards

With heightened SEC, FINRA, IIROC and FCA regulatory scrutiny within financial services firms, Actiance is releasing expanded supervisory capabilities for Alcatraz, its cloud-based archive platform.

“Our company is really focused around regulatory compliance and helping organizations to get control of various channels that are being used for communications,” said Robert Cruz, senior director of information governance at Actiance.

The expanded supervisory capabilities within Alcatraz's searchable content store employ advanced analytics to enable greater insight into conversations occurring across 70+ communication channels.

Now customers in regulated industries such as financial services, government, and healthcare can quickly identify policy violations in context to ensure compliance with evolving industry regulations.

Alcatraz's expanded supervisory features give companies a cloud-based solution for compliance, while bolstering the efficiency of reviewers and enabling greater insights into the context of conversations.

“If I need to see who is communicating with whom I have all the richness of what took place or what’s being said and we’re able to bring all those properties with us to look and see what transpired within communication…to meet some of the specific regulatory and discovery requirements that have to be made,” Cruz said.

Alcatraz's expanded supervisory features allow customers to benefit from improved supervisory review efficiency, greater control across channels, and analytics for greater insights into conversations.

With these enhanced features, Actiance provides centralized supervisory compliance with policy management and advanced analytics capabilities in one unified platform.

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