ActiveNav Releases Data Mapping as a Service Platform to Uncover Sensitive Data

ActiveNav, a data privacy and governance software provider, is releasing its Data Mapping as a Service (DMaaS) solution to help privacy and compliance teams quickly identify, inventory, and map sensitive data.

Developed with the goal of achieving Zero Dark Data across all types of repositories, ActiveNav’s Inventory product discovers and maps data in minutes for compliance with a range of privacy regulations, including GDPR, CPRA and others.

ActiveNav’s Inventory rearchitects data mapping, transforming it from a cumbersome, episodic chore to a persistent, always-on approach that monitors the compliance risk posture of any enterprise, according to the vendor.

 Inventory solves preparedness issues by mapping vulnerable hotspots of sensitive data and generating toxicity visualizations using customizable scoring.

Inventory enables organizations to:

  • Discover, map and monitor user-generated data across commonly used applications like Microsoft SharePoint and Teams, as well as email, workplace collaboration platforms and on-premise file shares.
  • Assess their compliance risk profile using customizable, prebuilt rules to prioritize and highlight “toxicity hotspots” in their data universe via a single pane of glass.
  • Apply AI to ensure data maps stay current and allow teams to maintain an accurate, holistic view of their data risk profile.
  • Leverage the Microsoft Azure SaaS stack for industry-leading security, performance and scalability.

The passage of newly enacted privacy laws in California, Colorado and Virginia has exacerbated the need to take a more automated, persistent approach to managing sensitive data in user-generated content systems such as Microsoft Teams and Slack. In today’s compliance landscape, Privacy and Compliance departments know they must be prepared to act quickly, putting sensitive data visibility at the top of the priority list.

“Historical data mapping efforts have failed and are in need of a major reboot,” said Peter Baumann, CEO and founder of ActiveNav. “Privacy and Compliance teams are fooling themselves into believing they have the right solutions for discovering sensitive data, but they often don't know what data they should be protecting and how they should protect it. Inventory shines a light on the problem in an automated, persistent way that originates from our decades worth of work helping the largest enterprises monitor and manage sensitive data.”

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