Actuate and VoltDB Partner to Deliver Improved Big Data Solution

Business intelligence software vendor Actuate has partnered with VoltDB, provider of ultra-high-throughput relational database systems, to offer a solution that will allow ActuateOne and VoltDB customers to process their big data more quickly and effectively, resulting in improved insights.

VoltDB is a NewSQL database system that excels at handling high-speed data applications, with processing speeds 45-100 times faster than traditional databases. Companies handling high velocity transactional data feeds can benefit from VoltDB’s inexpensive virtualized computing infrastructures, including Cloud service platforms. “VoltDB is one of the vendors that supports very high-performing kinds of content so that not only can we access the information that they might store but we can do so practically in real-time as the data itself is changing,” Jeff Morris, Actuate’s vice president of product marketing, tells 5 Minute Briefing.

ActuateOne, an application suite and development and deployment platform built on BIRT, enables customers to create and deploy custom business intelligence and information applications in an intuitive and interactive dashboard. “Organizations want to organize and find relevant information that they might derive from many of these new types of data sources and then create or illustrate meaning with that information that requires visualizations,” Morris explains.

Together, the VoltDB and ActuateOne alliance is expected to substantially reduce the time from big data access to operational insights, providing customers with a competitive advantage in the market and improving the bottom line. “Actuate does the visuals and VoltDB supplies a lot of the sourcing as well as being a target for the storage and processing of the predictive and data mining kind of activities,” says Morris. Organizations across many industries, including finance, digital advertising, mobile/telecom and online gaming, stand to benefit from VoltDB and Actuate’s joint solution, according to the companies.

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