Adaptivity and Unisys Join Forces on Solutions for Data Center Transformation

Adaptivity and Unisys Corp. have expanded their partnership, to enable them to jointly provide IT transformation solutions that combine Adaptivity's IT technology library and applied expertise with the Unisys 3D Blueprinting approach to mapping business to IT and Unisys solutions for management of a real-time infrastructure (RTI).

According to the companies, enterprises are constrained in how quickly they can respond to dynamic market challenges and this can lead to lost business opportunities and high costs. To break the cycle, successful organizations must implement a "business-driven RTI approach"-a strategy that allows companies to transform their delivery models and differentiate the delivery and execution of IT services that support the business.

The joint solutions combine Adaptivity FUEL (Flexible Unified Enteprise Library) and Unisys RTI solutions using the Unisys 3D Blueprinting approach. This services-driven methodology is intended to provide clients greater visibility into critical linkages and relationships among various levels of the organization, from strategy to IT infrastructure, enabling them to see the effects of critical decisions in advance. Adaptivity FUEL is a suite of proven practices, playbooks, work products, blueprints, tools and methodologies that lay the groundwork for demand-driven IT transformational programs.

In combination, the solutions based on the 3D Blueprinting approach and FUEL, allow joint Unisys and Adaptivity clients to use easy-to-use templates and select tools and services they need to get an accurate view of the data center infrastructure model that will best benefit their business-providing them with a step-by-step approach to transform IT.

The expanded partnership builds on Adaptivity's relationship with Unisys that started last year, Tony Bishop, Adaptivity founder and CEO, tells 5 Minute Briefing, observing that from that initial starting point, Adaptivity saw that there were "significant synergies" with how Unisys consults and helps enterprises go through from a 3-Dimensional Blueprinting to actually realizing that real-time infrastructure and real-time enterprise view. "What we have done is married up our expertise and toolsets to be part of that so that when we both work with clients we are able to help them go from concept and alignment to operationalizing it and sustaining it," Bishop states.

"What we looked at Adaptivity to bring to us is really the high-end consulting experience that they have captured in very reusable intellectual property and models that's almost plug-and-play into our existing 3D Blueprinting approach," adds Brian Ott, vice president, Global Services, Unisys Systems and Technology. Taking Adaptivity's capabilities and combining them with Unisys technology "in a focused effort around data center transformation, real-time infrastructure and the migration to clouds for clients, we think, gives us a unique joint value proposition."

The expansion of partnership, is significant in that it puts it on a global basis, notes Bishop, and, says Ott, because it represents a "true linkage of intellectual property and the toolsets" for a broader sales force and delivery force for clients.

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