AddressDoctor Unveils Point Address Geocoding for North America

AddressDoctor, a provider of certified address verification and correction solutions, today announced the availability of its Software Library version 5.4.0. The latest release provides Point Address Geocoding for the United States and Canada.

AddressDoctor’s Geocode Enrichment offering appends geo coordinates (latitude and longitude information) to validated addresses in more than 50 countries around the world. Standard interpolated geocoding is a method of constructing new data points within the range of a discrete set of known data points. For example, if an organization knows the geo coordinates of the first and last house on a street, they can interpolate the geo coordinates for a house in the middle of the street. AddressDoctor’s latest software release offers premium Point Address Geocoding for North America.

Geocoding helps organizations display address points on a map, which can be useful for route planning, distance evaluation and local analysis. By combining geographic and address data with other business data, AddressDoctor says, organizations can gain critical insight, make better decisions and optimize their processes. For example, insurance companies can better assess if a prospect lives in a high risk area, or a marketing department could analyze where customers or prospects live in order to determine the most effective advertising strategy. The Point Address Geocoding enables more reliable and exact geocoding points for properties and premises for location intelligence analysis, direct marketing and overall better decision making.

AddressDoctor’s Point Address Geocoding is based on Navteq’s premium geocoding data and includes Arrival Point Geocoding, which can assist with accurate and prompt delivery to an address, since many parcels of land can be large and it is important to know where the entrance to the premise is located; and Parcel Centroid Geocoding, which calculates coordinates for a point which is at the geographic center of the parcel of land, enabling organizations to determine where an address is located on a piece of land and to conduct risk assessment for insurance purposes.     

Point Address Geocoding is available for North America using AddressDoctor’s Software Library. For more information about AddressDoctor, a business unit of Informatica, go here