Advanced Systems Concepts Updates IT Automation Solution

Advanced Systems Concepts, Inc. (ASCI) unveiled the latest version of its IT automation software, which includes capabilities to join both reactive and predictive forms of resource management to optimize service level agreements (SLAs). Version 9.0 of ASCI's ActiveBatch Workload Automation and Job Scheduling Software is expected to ship in June.

With predictive capabilities, ActiveBatch users will now be able to manage mixed workloads based on business policies in which on-premise or cloud-based resources are automatically assigned, or de-assigned, to meet individual SLAs. ActiveBatch will also support cloud computing initiatives, including those run on external providers such as (Amazon EC2) and virtualization engines provided through Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager or VMware.

ActiveBatch is intended for use across both large data centers and distributed environments, Colin Beasty, product marketing manager for ASCI, tells 5 Minute Briefing. "We have clients using ActiveBatch to automate runbook-type and data center operations that are comprised of mainframes and servers," he explains. "For example, one customer of ours is a SaaS software company that uses ActiveBatch to run 250,000 jobs a day within their data center. Other clients use ActiveBatch within distributed environments that include many platforms, such as Windows, Unix and Linux."

ActiveBatch supports interfaces to a range of platform environments, Beasty adds, including z/OS, Windows, Unix, Linux, HP-UX, VMware and Hyper-V. "ActiveBatch is a multi-platform job scheduling solution, whose customers use it run jobs and workflows across distributed and mainframe environments."

The impending release of ActiveBatch also will leverage behavioral insight such as historical workflow performance, resource availability and capacity to govern the execution of workflows and processes by analyzing behaviors and then triggering the appropriate action, the vendor says. The software then performs predictive analysis, based on anticipated needs, to manage, provision and schedule jobs or allocate resources in real time, leveraging both cloud and virtual resources.

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