Advanced Systems Concepts Upgrades Workload Automation Tool

Advanced Systems Concepts, Inc. (ASCI), an IT automation tools vendor, has begun shipping an updated version of its workload automation and job scheduling software. ActiveBatch Version 10 contains multiple features that increase efficiency and reduce cost, while also meeting the intensifying demands for improved agility and bimodal deployment.               

“Most IT organizations are facing unprecedented challenges due to the rate of production growth, changing business requirements, stagnating budgets, and a shortage of skilled professionals,” said Jim Manias, vice president of sales and marketing at ASCI. The new release includes “new automation capabilities that help IT professionals easily handle the core functions they are supporting, which in turn enables them to adapt to new requirements faster and more reliably.”

ActiveBatch Version 10 introduces new capabilities that can cut workflow development times, the vendor said. The new upgrades are intended to help DevOps teams to refocus on critical IT business and operational processes.

Version 10’s Integrated Jobs Library includes hundreds of templated Job Steps that are self-documenting. The library is designed to enable developers to assemble jobs and workflows faster with pre-built logic that eliminate time spent on researching, writing, and testing code.

A new Check-Out and Check-In with Collaboration capability lets multiple developers work on the same objects simultaneously. Upon Check-In, authors can address conflicting changes with ActiveBatch’s built-in Conflict Resolution tool. Pairing this with v10’s new Simulation Mode, developers and operations can simulate workflow logic and execution for testing without incurring delays imposed by actually running the job payload.

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