Aerospike 4.8 Hikes Durability and Performance with Data Stored in Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory

Aerospike, a provider of real-time NoSQL data solutions, has announced the general availability of version 4.8, which further enhances Aerospike’s Hybrid-Memory Architecture to enable both database indexes and data to be stored in Intel Optane DC persistent memory.

According to the company, Aerospike 4.8 can be configured with both indices and data stored in persistent memory. Storing indices in persistent memory allows a node to be restarted in minutes, rather than hours typical of traditional NoSQL and in-memory databases. This can save millions of dollars that would otherwise result from scheduled maintenance and cloud migrations. Storing data in persistent memory additionally boosts operational performance because of near-DRAM levels of latency and throughput. Combined with strong consistency, Aerospike can provide the durability required for mission-critical applications, where lost data can result in regulatory compliance issues and significant financial penalties.

“Aerospike’s unique, hardware-optimized NoSQL database platform unlocks ultra-fast runtime performance, unlike alternative solutions that are not as deeply integrated with the underlying hardware,” said Srini Srinivasan, chief product officer and founder, Aerospike. “Aerospike Enterprise Edition release 4.8 eliminates the tradeoffs between durability and performance and initial testing shows a 50 percent increase in performance over previous versions while maintaining maximum durability to protect data and transaction integrity.”

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