Aerospike 5.7 Strengthens the Real-Time Data Platform

Aerospike is delivering optimizations with its 5.7 release, boosting the-real time data platform to deliver queries on larger, more mission-critical datasets.

New updates include:

  • Secondary Indexes: Record references in the secondary index now use 5-byte direct references instead of a digest. This reduces the server memory footprint and eliminates the need to map from digest to the record (computationally expensive).
  • Cloud Resilience: Aerospike 5.7 extends and improves resilience capabilities in cloud environments: Configuration and Sanity Checks: On startup, Aerospike performs a series of sanity checks to detect and flag misconfigurations. Run-time Circuit Breakers: These are mechanisms that temporarily suspend or throttle certain load-generating mechanisms when Aerospike comes under unexpected stress.
  • Security Enhancements: The enhancements in 5.7 are a mixture of new defenses, and better integration with the enterprise-wide frameworks larger companies are standing up.
  • Added support for Public Key Infrastructures (PKI) to manage users, roles, and credentials centrally. Also simplified key rotation for encryption at rest to make the Aerospike data platform even more robust.The company has been investing in providing more processing power and supporting richer query capability through its Expressions capabilities.

Expressions allows complex filters to be composed referencing both data and metadata so that exactly the data required – and no more – is provided in response to queries.

Expressions can be used to enhance data in place through multi-operations in conjunction with operations allowing more processing to be done local to the data.

This is a powerful new tool for developers that maintains the hyper-scale transactional speeds and high throughput that Aerospike is known for, according to the vendor.

Because of Aerospike performance at scale, the company is introducing the notion of Sets that essentially allow for tagging a set of records for use by a given application. This also allows for versioning of data within a broader context.

Aerospike added auto-indexing of Sets to provide significantly enhanced performance in access records within a set where the total Namespace is very large.

Aerospike has added support for Public Key Infrastructures (PKI) to manage users, roles, and credentials centrally. In addition, this update simplifies key rotation for encryption at rest to make the data platform even more robust.

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