Aerospike Connect Adds More Integrations to Aerospike Database 5

Aerospike Inc., a provider of next-generation, real-time NoSQL data solutions, is making upgrades and expansions to the Aerospike Connect product line, allowing Aerospike Database 5 to be even more plug-compatible with the enterprise data fabric that powers modern real-time data-driven applications.

The Aerospike Connect product line integrates Aerospike Database 5 with popular open-source frameworks, including Apache Spark, Kafka, Pulsar, and JMS.

These technologies drive modern data pipelines and processing, enabling organizations to use rich data sets from across the enterprise to build and deploy modern data architectures for real-time, mission-critical applications.

With Aerospike Connect, developers, data scientists, and engineers can architect and develop new generations of data intensive applications and gain the speed and scale of Aerospike Database 5’s massively parallel engine without writing custom code or disrupting deep-rooted business processes. 

“Mainframes and traditional relational data stores weren’t designed for the big-data analytics of AI, ML, and real-time decisioning required by data intensive applications for fraud, risk management, and customer engagement,” said Srini Srinivasan, chief product officer and founder, Aerospike. “The business processes and data captured in enterprise systems remain vital for enterprises. The combination of Aerospike Connect and Database 5 creates a modern data platform that augments traditional systems to create real-time data-driven systems that extend and enhance rather than rip and replace existing functionality, thereby reducing cost and risk when building modern data architectures.”

With Aerospike Connect, enterprises can augment existing transactional systems by connecting to Aerospike Database 5 and thus allow better application development and better real-time user experience.

They can also enhance existing analytics systems by allowing them to access an order of magnitude more data from Aerospike than they would otherwise. This ends up improving their models considerably by accessing more data without increasing the timeframe for achieving results.

The expanded product line of Aerospike connect includes:

  • Aerospike Connect for Spark 2.4 supports streaming APIs that leverage Structured Spark Streaming. This provides very low latency for both reads and writes, enabling AI/ML use cases such as fraud detection, and personalization via 360-degree customer profiles that leverage Aerospike as a system of engagement in their Spark Streaming pipeline. Aerospike Connect for Spark opens the scan-by-partition capability in Aerospike Database 5 to allow massive parallelization when processing data with Spark.
  • Aerospike Connect for Kafka 3.0 leverages the new optimized protocol used by XDR in Aerospike Database 5 for higher performance at scale in enterprise Kafka-based streaming pipelines. Kafka provides a data bus that allows applications to publish and subscribe data through named topics. This integration enables Aerospike Database 5 to pull data from Kafka and to submit Aerospike change notifications via the optimized Database 5 protocol to Kafka. Other applications and data stores can subscribe and publish to Aerospike Database clusters.
  • Aerospike Connect for JMS 1.1 enables enterprises to use JMS to stream data at high rates into and out of Aerospike Database 5. JMS is often a preferred option when integrating and synchronizing with mainframe applications in digital modernization projects.
  • Aerospike Connect for Pulsar 1.0 offers an outbound connector to ship change notifications from Aerospike 5 via the optimized Database 5 protocol to a Pulsar consumer for streaming pipelines for log analysis, Internet of Things (IoT), and other applications.

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