Aerospike DB Enhances its Platform with Strong Consistency and High Performance

Aerospike, a provider of hybrid memory architecture database, is releasing a new version of its signature database platform.

Aerospike 4.0 Enterprise Edition will deliver an Enterprise System of Engagement (SoE) with strong consistency and high performance, according to the company.

Aerospike continues to blaze a trail in the database space by providing an internet scale SoE database to satisfy the hyper-performance and latency needs of growing industries like AdTech, Gaming, and FinServ.

The platform update takes the next step by providing a transformational new capability that guarantees strong data consistency without compromising on performance, thereby helping Enterprises capitalize on digital transformation with a best in class "Enterprise SoE."

“What we are bringing to the table in 4.0 is strong consistency with tight performance,” said Satish Iyer, VP of  marketing. “In order to actually address some of those macro transitions we see we believe that accuracy is important but we don’t want to sacrifice performance.”

Driving costs down, transforming the customer experience, and leading a path of innovation in terms of driving new models and revenue streams round out Aerospike’s goals which are reflected in this release, according to Iyer.

The company will focus on enhancing integrations, add more value into analytics systems, and more, Iyer explained.

“Today we are primarily a high performant data store which our customers use,” Iyer said. “Going forward I think we have a lot of volume in terms of where customers would tend to use us more in analytics.”

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