Aerospike Expands Access to Next-Generation NoSQL Database

Aerospike Inc., provider of an in-memory NoSQL database, has announced a new startup special and trade-in program. The new program gives free access to the enterprise Edition of Aerospike with no limits on nodes, TPS and volume of data managed. To qualify, startups must have revenue of under $2 million and funding of under $20 million.

“We want to ensure that all developers, at every company have access to Aerospike’s next-generation, NoSQL database so they have the ability to create powerful technologies that scale,” said Brian Bulkowski, co-founder and CTO, Aerospike. “As the demand for enterprise-grade database technology grows, we are removing the barriers to access, and our new startup special and trade-in program further this vision."

According to Aerospike, the need to engage consumers with cross-channel, real-time applications is putting pressure on both enterprises limited by outdated infrastructure as well as new startups seeking to deploy database technology that can grow with them. The new program is intended to provide qualified companies with Aerospike Enterprise Edition and a free one-day developer training.

Aerospike Enterprise Edition includes additional features for mission critical operations, such as the full-featured Aerospike Management Console and Cross Data Center Replication (XDR). With XDR organizations can ensure business continuity and disaster recovery, while also enabling global-scale applications to operate out of data centers located close to consumers around the world. Developers can learn more at