Aerospike Introduces Trade-In Program and Startup Special to Attract New Customers to NoSQL Database

Aerospike Inc. has announced a trade-in program and startup special to attract new customers to its open source flash optimized, in-memory open source NoSQL database.

With the startup special, startups can gain free access to the enterprise edition of Aerospike with no limits on nodes, TPS and volume of data managed. To qualify, startups must have revenue of under $2 million and funding of under $20 million.

While Aerospke already offers a free, and unlimited version of its open source NoSQL database in addition to its enterprise edition which provides more advanced features and support, the company realized that it is the startups that need those enterprise features and the high level support more than anyone else, and yet they are least equipped to pay for it, said Brian Bulkowski, founder and CTO, Aerospike. With the new offer, said Bulkowski, the goal is to attract young organizations that are working at very high levels of scale and that represent the next big internet companies, and allow them to start with Aerospke using all the features they need.

“We believe that companies will see our value and when they get larger, be happy to pay us to be part of our success,” he said. The announcment is about giving “the little guy” accesss to the big and important features that allow them to scale and grow and see the benefits of Aerospike, he said.

In addition, with the trade-in program, enterprises can swap out certain existing technology for Aerospike Enterprise Edition, for no cost throughout the duration of their standing software and support licenses.

According to Bulkowski, Aerospike offers compelling advantages in three key areas. These are high performance, which allows customers to do more with less so they can attack bigger problems or do server consolidation; scalability, with the flexiblity of being able to add and remove servers which is critical – “table stakes really for any business”; and reliability – “We have ACID commit and our support of flash and SSD technology is part of that reliability," he said.

Developers can learn more about the product and the programs at