Aerospike Launches New Client Services to Speed Time to Value and Cut Risk for Mission-Critical Implementations

Aerospike, developer of an enterprise-grade NoSQL database, has introduced a new suite of consulting services and a virtual and on-site training program—Aerospike Academy.

The new suite of services incorporates Aerospike's expertise amassed over the past decade in helping companies around the world build and deploy mission-critical applications that demand “five nine-plus-level uptime.”  

According to Aerospike, the client services are designed to reduce friction and accelerate the time to value of putting applications built on the Aerospike database into a high-scale production environment.

The suite has a flexible and scalable “pay-as-you-grow” pricing model addressing the needs of new customers building their first Aerospike-based applications as well as existing customers expanding their portfolio of Aerospike-based applications.

“Global brands rely on Aerospike to power real-time, strategic and mission-critical applications,” said John Dillon, CEO of Aerospike. With this announcement, he noted, Aerospike is making an investment in customers' success and helping them to accelerate their return on investment and reduce their complexity by using Aerospike. 

The Aerospike Client Services suite includes different service packages to address different customers’ requirements.  Consulting Service Packages for New Customers include enterprise deployment, data migration, and developer enablement; Consulting Service Packages for Existing Customers include Architecture Planning, Operations Planning, Production Assessment, and Upgrade Management; and Consulting Service Packages for All Customers include technical resource and managed cloud services.

Aerospike Academy provides virtual-led, self-service and in-person training courses and includes certification exams to enable customers to plan, deploy, and manage Aerospike in a high-scale production environment.  These certifications are also available to third-party partners who want to deliver Aerospike services to their clients.   

Visit the Aerospike Consulting Services and Aerospike Academy pages to learn more.

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