Aerospike Launches New Version of its Signature Platform

Aerospike, a provider of NoSQL solutions, is releasing a new version of its Aerospike platform, transforming how organizations store, access, and analyze data.   

“What 3.10 represents and what you’ll continue to see us do is deploy incremental product releases to support the enterprise,” said Jim LoDestro, chief revenue officer at Aerospike.

The new version of Aerospike includes features such as SortedMap, durable delete, IPv6, improved cluster management, and updated network naming.

“It’s really about hardening the server and making it more enterprise-ready, it’s about helping large organizations speed deployment and that’s where we’re going to continue our focus,” LoDestro said.

Aerospike powers the world’s most demanding engagement applications, processing terabytes of daily customer information with response times in milliseconds.

Founded in 2009 by Brian Bulkowski and Srini Srinivasan, Aerospike has focused on building a highly-available, distributed NoSQL database for real-time operational applications.

“We just deliver a much more price performant solution,” LoDestro said. “That has allowed us to quickly break out of ad tech and into financial services.”

Moving forward the company will continue to focus on “hardening the server,” which means focusing on more enterprise-class features, LoDestro said.

“There’s a pretty wide range of what folks want to see,” LoDestro said. “It’s really just about fitting in the enterprise environment.”

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