Aerospike Launches Version 3.11 of its Database Platform

Aerospike, a provider of NoSQL hybrid memory databases, is releasing a new version of its database, Aerospike 3.11, improving performance and memory.

The platform enhances DRAM performance by upgrading memory allocators and improving lock granularity.

Aerospike 3.11 also includes the addition of TLS transport encryption, further securing Aerospike by enabling transport encryption across deployment environments that extend across network security domains.

Other enhancements include expanded IPv6 support and the general availability release of SortedMaps, an in-database manipulation of maps allowing for network-efficient operation on data structures.

“This release builds on our core mission of providing customers a performant, enterprise-class database for powering real-time applications, across industries ranging from financial services to AdTech,” said Brian Bulkowski, Aerospike co-founder and CTO.

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