Aerospike Unveils New Features to Propel Next-Gen Apps

Aerospike has introduced new features and enhancements to its open source, flash-optimized, in-memory NoSQL key-value store database. Enhancements include new clients, easier installation and deployment, storage and performance improvements, enterprise security enhancements, Hadoop integration and numerous community contributions.

According to the company, these improvements are particularly important for applications in industries where speed is critical such as those in e-commerce, gaming, advertising and travel.

“Aerospike continues to blaze the way with innovations to its NoSQL database technology far outpacing competitors,” said Brian Bulkowski, co-founder and CTO, Aerospike. “Both disruptive startups and established enterprises choose Aerospike to power a new class of real-time, data-driven applications that aren’t technically or economically feasible with other database technologies.”

Among the advantages offered by Aerospike, unlike first-generation NoSQL databases and traditional in-memory technologies, is that it is self-managing and scales on a handful of servers instead of hundreds of servers, according to the vendor. Newly added enhancements include more flexible development with upgrades for Java, Node.js, .NET / C#, and C Clients; new Python, PHP, Go clients and a beta Ruby client; and the ability to set consistency on a per-transaction basis to support multiple applications and ensure applications that tolerate eventual consistency can benefit from lower latency. 

Aerospike Community Edition is available for download at For more information about Aerospike Labs, go here.