Agiliance Adopts Latest COBIT Release in GRC Offering

Agiliance, Inc., a provider of solutions for governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) programs, is shipping a risk management solution that integrates the COBIT framework intended to enable organizations, in automated fashion, to link business goals to IT goals, use metrics and maturity models to measure their progress, and assign governance responsibilities to appropriate business and IT process owners. This new content pack also improves regulatory compliance monitoring and reporting. 

“Creating a shared nomenclature and set of processes that enables stakeholders across the organization to manage IT and business risks associated with new challenges like BYOD, big data, cloud computing, and evolving cyber security threats, is very difficult,” says Torsten George, vice president of worldwide marketing and products at Agiliance. “The Agiliance COBIT 5 Content Pack productizes inputs and outputs, activities, objectives, performance measures and more, to equip organizations with a toolset to increase IT value and manage risks.”

The Agiliance COBIT 5 Content Pack integrates the latest release of the COBIT framework and tool set with its flagship RiskVision product. The COBIT framework was developed by ISACA, an international professional association for IT governance, and was recently updated to incorporate COBIT 4.1, Val IT 2.0, and RISK IT, and align it with common industry standards such as Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) and International Organization for Standardization (ISO). COBIT 5 provides management and business process owners with an IT governance model for deriving greater value from IT and making it easier to understand and manage risks. COBIT 5 for Information Security is a supplemental document developed to provide guidance for IT and security professionals on information security-related activities.

Agiliance COBIT 5 Content Pack with the Agiliance RiskVision platform is designed to help organizations gather high-quality information to make better business decisions, and meet strategic goals and make more effective and innovative use of IT. It also helps prove compliance with relevant laws, regulations, contract terms, and policies.

The Agiliance COBIT 5 Content Pack encompasses the five key areas and thirty-seven processes for governance of enterprise IT: Evaluate, Direct, and Monitor; Align, Plan, and Organize; Build, Acquire, and Implement; Deliver, Service, and Support; and Monitor, Evaluate and Assess. The Content Pack also includes controls for COBIT 5 for Information Security to help organizations manage their information security risk.

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