Aiming to Remove Job Recruiting Bias, SAP Launches New Recruiting Management Function for SuccessFactors

SAP is launching a new job analyzer functionality that will be embedded within the SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting Management solution to help organizations eliminate unconscious bias in recruiting.

The functionality supports corporate talent objectives by using machine learning algorithms to predict and flag language that reflects gender bias during the recruitment process.

“We are proposing that you could use your HR solutions in a way that supports those decision points and removes or eliminates the bias that can influence them,” said Gabby Burlacu, human capital management research at SAP SuccessFactors.

With this new functionality, organizations are empowered to expand their talent pools and target the best candidates for every role.

“One of the really common things we’re hearing, especially in the male dominated industries, is ‘Well, we’d love to hire more women but they’re not applying,’ and without organizations realizing there are some things in their recruiting process that is deterring that from happening,” Burlacu said. “That work lead to the creation of the job analyzer.”

Available in beta in the fourth quarter of 2017, the job analyzer functionality enables businesses to further integrate diversity and inclusion considerations into key talent management decisions.

The new functionality utilizes SAP Leonardo Machine Learning capabilities to help managers and recruiters identify and eliminate gender-biased language from job descriptions.

This results in an expanded, richer applicant pool, which helps enable business leaders to reach the most qualified candidates for every position

With the power of external data, hiring managers can analyze market competitiveness and salary ranges and scrub bias language from jobs descriptions for a broader and deeper solution for the global shortage of talent.

SAP is also expanding its Business Beyond Bias focus to help companies optimize existing features throughout the SAP SuccessFactors HCM Suite to eliminate inherent biases around age, ethnicity, and differently-abled and LGBT communities.

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