Airbyte Announces Postgres Connector Support for Data Integration

Airbyte, producers of an open-source data integration platform, is launching the company’s Postgres source connector, now generally available. Postgres connector support by Airbyte allows users to efficiently migrate data from Postgres storage to other locations, improving analytic capabilities.

“There are vast amounts of data that are now able to be shared and easily moved with confidence. This has been among our top priorities to deliver a production-ready connector to Postgres users,” said Michel Tricot, co-founder and CEO at Airbyte.

According to the vendor, Postgres is one of the most popular databases for enterprises today, and Airbyte support will provide stable integration for the platform. Among these enhancements are features such as full sync capability for holistic database copying, incremental syncs that allow users to send available data to a preferred destination since the last sync, as well as change data capture (CDC) to improve incremental sync quality.

With the latest Postgres support from Airbyte, the company’s aims of simple and efficient data consolidation and migration continue to take shape. Their integration services support data transformation (ELT) technologies that many companies struggle to find compatible structures for, alleviating the stress of manual connector build and management. This collaboration also solves data team issues where working with pre-built connectors limits the capabilities of their unique data infrastructures.

There are nearly 200 data connectors available through the Airbyte Connector Catalog, and the company foresees reaching 500 by the end of the year, according to the vendor.

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