Airbyte Unveils Latest Connectors for Vector Databases

Airbyte, the creators of the fastest-growing, open source data movement platform, are debuting its latest set of connectors—for the Milvus, Qdrant, and Weaviate vector databases—amid customer requests for more vector database support. These connectors will enable an even broader expanse of data use cases, particularly within the realm of AI and large language models (LLMs). 

Vector databases serve to identify the unique relationships between data, becoming the ideal for applications like recommendation systems, anomaly detection, natural language processing, and AI, according to Airbyte. 

With the addition of these vector database connectors, Airbyte emphasizes its continued commitment to and support of the latest and greatest technologies that drive enterprise success.

“We were the first general-purpose data movement platform to add support for vector databases —the first to build a bridge between data movement platforms and AI,” said Michel Tricot, CEO of Airbyte. “Now, we are doubling down as our users are clamoring for more and more vector database support so they don’t have to struggle with creating custom code to bring in data; they can use the new Airbyte connector to select the data sources they want.”

Airbyte’s vector database destination also empowers users to configure the full ETL pipeline—from extraction to separation, preparation, embedment, and loading—centralized within a single, user-friendly interface. Once the data is loaded into a vector database, the database can then be accessed by LLMs.

The pre-existing Airtbyte platform capabilities will be extended to vector databases, including:

  • Comprehensive catalog of data sources with rapid connection
  • No-code connector builder for quick connector generation
  • Incremental syncs
  • Built-in resilience 
  • Secure authentication for data access
  • Synch scheduling and monitoring 

Certified connectors for both Airbyte Cloud and Airbyte Open Source Software (OSS) versions are now available for Milvus, Pinecone, and Weaviate. Additionally, there are community vectors for both versions of Airbyte and Qdrant, and a community connector for Airbyte OSS available for Chroma. 

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