Airline Consortium Chooses Unisys System to Improve Baggage Handling at Australian Airports

Nearly 40 international airlines operating to and from Australia have signed a 2-year contract extension through 2016 with Unisys Australia, which will continue providing an advanced baggage reconciliation system at seven Australian international airports at Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Cairns, Perth, Adelaide and the Gold Coast. The contract extension is worth more than $11.7 million.

The Unisys baggage reconciliation system helps airlines comply with the Aviation Security Act's "Triple A" (account and authorize) regulations relating to baggage handling, which is mandated by the Commonwealth Government's Office of Transport Security. When passengers check in, each bag receives a barcode, which is then scanned and reconciled with a passenger record before it can be loaded onto the aircraft. As the airline has a record of the baggage loading order, bags can be quickly identified and recovered if passengers fail to board. This process is designed to prevent take-off with a mismatch of passengers, crew and baggage and enhance security levels by avoiding unaccompanied baggage being loaded on the flight.

"The global economy and the competitive nature of the airline industry means that airlines seek business efficiencies and yet must concurrently protect, or improve, their customers' travel experience as well as meet the mandatory security requirements which apply to air carriers," said Sury Chavali, Partner for the Asia Pacific Airports Practice, Unisys. "The Unisys baggage reconciliation system helps achieve such efficiencies by avoiding lengthy processing or flight delays when baggage needs to be found and removed from flights."

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