Aisera Launches Debut Product for Service Management

Aisera, a provider of an AI driven service experience solution, is launching its debut product that will deliver transformational AI to corporations looking for the best in self-service experience solutions.

Aisera’s arrival gives Chief Information Officers (CIOs) the robust AI Service Management (AISM) solution they seek to achieve an exceptional service experience spanning the enterprise across Information Technology (IT), Human Resources (HR), Facilities, Customer Service, IT Operations, and DevOps.

AISM will make a real, positive impact in the customer experience while helping companies vastly improve employee productivity at a fraction of current costs.

The solution is capable of automating repetitive tasks and actions, enabling true self-service capabilities and streamlining resolution—yielding an excellent user experience while driving business revenue and growth. Using Aisera, employees and customers achieve autonomous self-service resolutions without needing assistance from humans.

Aisera’s unprecedented level of service desk automation calls upon a trio of technology breakthroughs: Conversational Robotic Process Automation (RPA), conversational AI and TicketIQ. This trio provides instant resolution of support requests that are addressed, even outside regular business hours.

Aisera employs the key components of AI—NLU and Natural Language Processing (NLP)—to enable unsupervised learning and effective dialogue management, capable of maintaining the status of a process or transaction. This is a key AI differentiator providing an omnichannel experience to users.

Early-adopters, including McAfee and Autodesk, have seen an average auto-resolution rate of 45% or greater, with an 80% improvement in CSAT, and user productivity rising by 50% or more. 

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