Aiven ClickHouse Beta Catapults the Enterprise into Cloud Data Warehousing Market

Open source cloud data platform company, Aiven, is unveiling its beta launch of Aiven for ClickHouse, initially debuted at Uptime—the company’s first annual developer conference. The beta iteration of Aiven for ClickHouse introduces the enterprise to the cloud data warehousing market, allowing for accelerated open source columnar database access for Aiven customers. Users seeking to employ high-performance analytics for critical business insights will have Aiven ClickHouse’s fully managed cloud data warehouse in their Aiven toolbelt.

Using advanced SQL queries, the Aiven ClickHouse Beta enhances the capabilities of Aiven to boost performance analytics and create analytical data reports in real-time. According to the vendor, the latest addition will offer federated query running from ClickHouse to data on PostgreSQL without transferring data, allow data streaming from multiple sources using Aiven for Kafka to ClickHouse for real-time analytics, and enable insight visualization from ClickHouse with Aiven for Grafana.

“We’re thrilled to introduce Aiven for ClickHouse Beta to our customers and further democratize access to best-of-breed open source technologies,” said Heikki Nousiainen, CTO at Aiven. “While our customers love our managed database offerings like PostgreSQL and MySQL, as data grows, they must incorporate data warehousing into their overall strategy. ClickHouse provides the best performance and scalability to meet customer demand. With ClickHouse, we can now better support our customers in leveraging their data into actionable insights to increase revenue and overall productivity of their business.”

Aiven advertises ClickHouse as being applicable to a variety of industries, ranging from global financial institutions to audio streaming and media services. As an open source platform, Aiven emphasizes their engagement with developer communities to empower their projects.

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