Aiven Introduces Karapace, Offering Additional Kafka Tools

Aiven, a technology company combining open source technologies with cloud infrastructure, is launching Karapace, an open- source tool that serves as a drop-in replacement for Confluent’s Kafka REST and Schema Registry.

“We’re proud to announce the release of Karapace, which demonstrates our continued commitment to the Apache Kafka open-source community,” said Hannu Valtonen, chief product officer at Aiven. “Karapace provides an additional tool that makes it easier to manage Kafka clusters at scale and further unlocks the full functionality of the Kafka ecosystem, whether users want to utilize Aiven services or not.”

With the addition of Karapace, customers can use the tool to store Kafka schemas in a central repository and access their version history, serialize and deserialize messages, interface RESTfully with Kafka clusters, and perform administrative tasks on their cluster, such as produce and consume messages.

This is not the first of Aiven’s contributions to open-source projects. They’ve contributed a number of fixes and feature releases, such as PGHoard, a popular PostgreSQL backup daemon and restore tooling for cloud object storage.

As the Aiven team continues to grow and specialize, they plan on making more significant core and feature contributions to the open-source technologies they provide service for.

Aiven licensed Karapace under Apache 2.0 and included a number of enhancements to make it lighter on resource usage.

Aiven also plans to add features over time and assist in increasing the open access to Apache Kafka, whether implemented independently or as a service.

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