Akamai March 2020 Update Includes Upgrades for DevOps Teams

Akamai is releasing updates to its platform that empowers teams to develop at the Akamai edge with even greater velocity, security, and visibility.

The company is making security enhancements to Bot Manager, Fast DNS, Kona Site Defender, Managed Security Service, Prolexic Routed, and Web Application Protector.

Other security updates include those made to Enterprise Threat Protector, DNSi CacheServe, Fast DNS, and Identity Cloud.

With this release, Akamai ushers in a new era of high-speed deployments and configurations by putting greater control in the hands of developers and thorough integration with existing CI/CD workflows.

Now, new properties can be spun up and configuration changes deployed in a matter of minutes using our UI, APIs, or connectors.

The latest update introduces Terraform, allowing customers to quickly onboard new properties and make configuration changes in a replicable and predictable fashion as part of their CI/CD processes.

Developers can provision and manage properties and DNS zones as code -- programmatically managing site delivery.

The net result is a high-velocity deployment experience engineered with the needs of DevOps practitioners and other high-performance development and operations teams in mind.

Akamai's EdgeWorkers puts computation and logic as close as possible to users for fast development and implementation of modifications to digital experiences. Because EdgeWorkers is JavaScript-based, developers are able to work in a language they are familiar with.

Additional new capabilities the March 2020 release include:

  • Change URL and Origin Support
  • Device personalization without redirects
  • Image optimization for device and browser
  • Origin load balancing
  • A/B testing using cached content
  • Controlled rollouts of new applications
  • Cache Key Controls
  • Failover Integration
  • Sandbox Integration
  • TypeScript Bindings

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