Akorri and Datalink Announce Partnership to Improve Virtualization Strategies

Akorri, Inc., a provider of software for virtual infrastructure performance and capacity management for the virtualized data center, and Datalink, an information storage architect, have entered into an alliance partnership.

As part of Datalink's StorageScape suite of software tools, the company now offers Virtualization Infrastructure Services, powered by Akorri's BalancePoint. By using Akorri's technology as part of its service offering, Datalink can provide customers with an end-to-end view of their virtualized environment combined with advanced visualization and analytics, enabling customers to proactively identify and resolve problems, increase utilization, and improve performance in the virtualized data center.

"Datalink is one of the leaders in both consolidation and virtualization strategies," John Gavin, CEO of Akorri, tells 5 Minute Briefing. "The unique thing about our partnership with them is that their trusted relationships and expertise in the consolidation and virtualization practice, combined with our BalancePoint product, will allow them to deliver to their customers unprecedented views of how they are performing in their transition from the physical world to the virtual world."

Datalink will employ BalancePoint to assess customer environments, Gavin explains. With the use of Akorri's technology, he notes. Datalink's professional services people will be able to make recommendations on how to optimize it better, how to solve some difficult performance issues that they are seeing on critical applications that have been virtualized by the customer, and grade themselves on how they are optimizing virtual resources now that they have done broader virtualization projects.

With this announcement, Datalink becomes a premier partner within the Akorri Optimize Channel Partner Program. For more on Datalink, go here and for more on Akorri, go here.