Akridata Data Explorer Brings Holistic Data Visualization to the Azure Marketplace

Akridata, a software company that provides an end-to-end suite of products for smart ingestion and exploration of visual data, is announcing that its flagship product, Akridata Data Explorer, is now available on the Azure Marketplace.

Akridata Data Explorer is a data visualization platform that enables data scientists to explore, search, analyze, and compare visual data with simplicity; dedicated toward processing visual data in the ML lifecycle, the solution aids in data set improvement and model training while enabling the connection of data sources, visualization of data on unlabeled datasets, and comparison of data across multiple sets. The platform additionally offers views of model performance through several lenses and searches based on image similarity.

“Akridata’s collaboration with Microsoft is a significant milestone for our team,” said Vijay Karamcheti, CEO and co-founder of Akridata. “By offering our Data Explorer platform to the Azure ecosystem, we are providing a new level of accessibility and ease of use for data scientists seeking to gain insights from complex data sets and accelerate the path to building production-grade AI models.”

Following the recent launch of the solution, Akridata Data Explorer’s availability in the Azure Marketplace expands its product reach, further enabling data scientists to enhance data sets and model training.

“We are thrilled to have Data Explorer now available on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace,” said Sanjay Pichaiah, vice president of products and GTM at Akridata. “With this partnership, we are amplifying global access to a cloud-based tool that helps data scientists explore, curate, and use visual data at a large scale.”

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