Alation Announces new Integrations with Technical Partners to Allow Organizations to Build Best-Of-Breed Data Environments

Alation, Inc., the data intelligence company, is offering new integrations with leading technical partners to further increase the breadth and depth of the Alation Data Intelligence Platform.

The new integrations with Amazon DynamoDB, Apache Kafka, Confluent Kafka, Elasticsearch, Fivetran, MongoDB, TIBCO Data Virtualization, and TIBCO Spotfire build on the open and extensible Alation Open Connector Framework, integrating with a global network of over 100 enterprise connectors, allowing organizations to access trusted data across their data ecosystem, according to Alation.

“Each organization needs connectivity to a diverse set of systems to craft a best-of-breed data environment. Yet finding and understanding trusted information in such a complex data environment is challenging,” said Diby Malakar, vice president of product management at Alation. “The Alation Data Intelligence Platform makes it easy to search for and discover relevant data, regardless of its location across the business, thus enabling organizations to focus on what’s important and shorten the time to insight. Not only does this help organizations keep pace with partners’ evolving technology, but our platform ensures trusted data is easily accessible and a first-class citizen for data teams. This empowers people to delve deeper into analysis, enliven their problem-solving abilities, and guide their decision-making processes with strategic, informed insights."

Alation’s platform, with rich APIs and broad and deep connectivity across over 100 enterprise data sources, from relational databases to BI systems, simplifies the search and discovery of vital data to empower organizations to focus on their most strategic data assets and foster a strong, data-driven culture to drive transformative business initiatives, according to the company.

Organizations can easily integrate vital metadata from these new critical system integrations into Alation, making the discovery of trusted and relevant data faster and enabling people to visualize relationships across technical, system, and business layers.

This lets users discover relationships between data, people, and policies to streamline collaboration, support data and AI governance, and make data-informed decisions that move the business forward, according to the company.

“Our platforms work seamlessly together, enabling teams to fully grasp and utilize the extent of their data,” said Meera Viswanathan, lead product manager at Fivetran. “This integration helps teams capture and comprehend the data moving out of, into, and across cloud platforms by adding context for data understanding and trust. Together, we allow users to access and manage their pipeline efficiently and the data yielded, ensuring both confidence and clarity in their operations. This enhances data intelligence within the modern data stack. We look forward to strengthening our partnership to help more organizations foster a data-driven culture, ultimately enhancing customer value."

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