Alation Creates Assessment to Quantify How a Mature Data Culture Contributes to Digital Transformation

Alation, Inc., the data intelligence company, is introducing the Data Culture Maturity Assessment to help organizations measure the value of their data culture, applying the four core tenets of the Alation Data Culture Maturity Model—Data Search & Discovery, Data Governance, Data Literacy, and Data Leadership.

According to the company, the Data Culture Maturity Assessment empowers organizations to address the elusive nature of data value and the absence of uniform metrics.

The framework was created through extensive collaboration with Alation’s global customer base, including 40% of Fortune 100 companies, to understand which metrics matter most regarding data culture maturity. The assessment allows organizations to effectively link data programs to business objectives.

Organizations can tie specific metrics to Data Search & Discovery, Data Governance, Data Literacy, and Data Leadership to measure their impact.

"Real business value and competitive advantage lie in mature data practices,” said Julie Smith, director of data and analytics at Alation. “It's how organizations can confidently handle data to achieve goals, make decisions, and add value. The approach to success isn't one-size-fits-all; it's as unique as each organization's approach to defining it. With the Data Culture Maturity Assessment, organizations can align data initiatives, such as self-service, data governance, and accelerating cloud migration, with business-specific goals and establish clear metrics to measure success. Data should be a collaborative venture, bridging various departments and roles, and laying the foundation for a future with it acting as a catalyst to drive innovation and strategic growth across the organization. This is our way of helping organizations to plot their path ahead.”

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