Alation Unveils Set of New Features to Bolster Data Governance

Alation Inc., the data catalog company, is introducing a new set of features to transform data governance practices.

Alation TrustCheck issues real-time data governance guardrails directly into the workflow of self-service analytics users. TrustCheck users are automatically alerted to both constraints and best practices, leading to more timely, accurate and compliant analysis.

“Knowledge workers can’t (and won’t) continually break their workflow to look up terms, validate the correct application of policies, discover impacts, and ensure data quality,” said Satyen Sangani, CEO, Alation. “With the release of TrustCheck, we’re bringing policy, quality and usage context directly to the end user. TrustCheck lets every self-service analytics user instantly know whether the data or query logic selected is trustworthy and appropriate, irrespective of whether that data lives in Salesforce, Tableau, or is being accessed directly from a database.”

With TrustCheck, data governance and information stewardship professionals can focus on influencing user behavior rather than documenting rules and policies.

TrustCheck is an embedded set of features in Alation’s machine learning-powered data catalog. Information stewards leverage the Alation Data Catalog to indicate whether a data asset can be trusted or requires additional context, and deprecate data assets that contain inaccuracies or could lead to non-compliance. This feedback to users is available immediately through Alation’s query writing tool, Alation Compose, and through API-driven integrations with Salesforce Einstein Analytics and Tableau Server.

TrustCheck automatically surfaces visual cues in Alation’s Compose interface, where users search and write SQL queries, and directly on dashboards within Salesforce Einstein and Tableau Server.

Alation’s delivery of this feature through a well-documented API also provides the opportunity for additional analytic tools to easily integrate TrustCheck in the future.

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