Alation’s Latest Enhancements Promise to Foster a Data Culture for Businesses

Alation, Inc., the data intelligence company, is offering the major release of the Alation Data Intelligence Platform, introducing a next-generation user interface and business lineage capabilities built for data and analytics teams.

Additionally, a new Alation Expert Services offering empowers both business and data leaders to measure and strengthen their organization’s data culture with an emphasis on four foundational pillars: data search and discovery, data governance, data literacy, and data leadership. 

The next major release of the Alation Data Intelligence Platform leverages out-of-the-box templates and artifacts that provide customized views for different personas and data sources, making it easy for all teams to search and discover trusted data.

Additionally, business lineage extends the value of Alation’s technical data lineage to map data’s journey and connections across systems, enhancing visibility and trust in data.

Together, these new capabilities strengthen an organization’s ability to build a data culture by democratizing access to data, strengthening data literacy programs, and empowering a wider range of users to find, understand, and trust data, according to the company.

Alation Expert Services draws on Alation's deep experience partnering with Chief Data Officers and D&A teams to unlock the power of their data and cultivate a thriving data culture.

Recognizing that the core challenges extend beyond technology to encompass people and processes, these services are designed to navigate change management challenges and empower leaders to realize the business value of their data initiatives, according to the company.

Aligned with Alation's Data Culture Maturity Model, Alation Expert Services provides a blueprint for measuring and bolstering data culture across the four foundational pillars.

In concert with the Alation Data Intelligence Platform, this strategic approach—comprising a results-focused methodology, comprehensive delivery assets, and specialized services—empowers organizations to enhance their ROI and accelerate the deployment of data and AI initiatives with greater success, according to the company.

“Data has never been more strategic, yet most companies do not have the right approach and collaborative model within their organizations to succeed,” said Christos Mousouris, SVP of Customer Solutions at Alation. “Alation Expert Services has transformed us into a strategic business enabler together with our partners, offering support to guide organizations through their entire data culture maturity journey. We provide the essential tools and infrastructure needed for organizations to unlock the full potential of their data for transformative outcomes."

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