Alegion Receives $12 Million in Funding Round, Will Boost AI Capabilities

Alegion, the Gold Standard Data Labeling Platform for enterprise data science teams, has completed a $12 million Series A-2 round of funding, allowing the company to accelerate the integration of Active Learning and other strategic technologies into its Machine Learning Data Labeling Platform. This funding round was led by RHS Investments. 

Alegion’s platform blends human and machine intelligence to provide highly accurate labeled data used to train or validate customer’s machine learning models. 

As demand for ML training data increases exponentially, human judgment alone is not a viable mechanism for labeling and scoring. 

Active Learning enables the platform to learn while observing the human workers, eventually supplementing or even replacing human judgement with ML inference.

“Just as assembly lines incorporate power tools and robotics to enable scale, ML model development will require machines training machines to achieve the highest levels of model confidence,” said Nathaniel Gates, CEO and founder of Alegion. “Our customers can first leverage human judgement to train their model and then watch as newly trained machines are incorporated that allow unprecedented scaling.”

The company’s latest round of funding comes at a time when the data labeling market is beginning to enjoy rapid growth and consolidation.

The sector is also seeing sizable investments in technology, as the increasing demand for machine learning data outpaces the capabilities of traditionally labor-intensive providers.

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