Alkira and RestorePoint.AI Collaborate to Provide Data Governance and Security Posture Management

Alkira, a provider of agentless multi-cloud networking, and RestorePoint.AI, the Secure Managed Data as a Service company, are partnering to deliver cloud-based data management services running on a private secure network. The announcement was made at the Gartner Data & Analytics Summit in Orlando, FL.

According to the companies, the joint offering will improve time to value and total cost of ownership for companies that lack the resources to build their own analytics and generative AI (GenAI) integrations, so they can better compete in today’s data-driven economy.

“Alkira and RestorePoint.AI share a lot in common and we both have an acute understanding of the modern enterprise and the flexibility that’s required from a cloud infrastructure standpoint,” said Amir Khan, CEO at Alkira. “Today, organizations that are able to leverage and operationalize their data quickly, securely, and compliantly are creating a gap in the market that typically favors larger enterprises. Our partnership with RestorePoint.AI is leveling the playing field and helping more enterprises take on new and exciting challenges that have the potential to transform their industries.”

The joint Alkira and RestorePoint.AI solution offers a turn-key data management service running on a secure multi-cloud networking platform that supports granular access controls and micro segmentation.

The Alkira-RestorePoint.AI solution enables joint customers to take advantage of new analytics and AI driven technologies and extract business intelligence from their data regardless of where it resides, while meeting security and governance requirements.

According to the companies, tt is ideally suited for organizations with large volumes of data requiring regular synchronization and that must comply with data privacy mandates and/or operate in highly regulated industries including financial services, healthcare, and pharmaceuticals.

“Enforcing data security and privacy controls over distributed analytics and AI applications deployed in hybrid cloud and multi-cloud environments poses significant challenges for mid-market organizations with limited resources and expertise,” said Abdul Altamimi, CTO at RestorePoint.AI. “This partnership with Alkira allows us to provide our customers with the policy-based access control and micro segmentation capabilities to securely scale their businesses in the cloud.”

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