AllegroGraph Cloud Provides Knowledge Graphs-as-a-Service for Neuro-Symbolic AI applications

Franz Inc., an early innovator in artificial intelligence (AI) and leading supplier of graph database technology, is launching AllegroGraph Cloud, a hosted version of Franz’s Neuro-Symbolic AI platform. 

According to the company, AllegroGraph Cloud provides users a convenient and easy on-ramp to build advanced AI applications.

AllegroGraph Cloud is built on the recently announced AllegroGraph v8, a groundbreaking Neuro-Symbolic AI Platform that incorporates large language model (LLM) components directly into SPARQL along with vector generation and vector storage for a comprehensive AI knowledge graph solution.

AllegroGraph v8 redefines how knowledge graphs are created and expands the boundaries of what AI can achieve within the most secure triplestore database on the market.

“While general-purpose LLMs excel at straightforward tasks that do not necessitate background or changing knowledge, addressing more complex, knowledge-intensive queries demands the capabilities provided with a knowledge graph to avoid generating ‘hallucinations,’” said Dr. Jans Aasman, CEO of Franz Inc. “We designed AllegroGraph 8 with Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) capabilities to provide users with seamless generative AI capabilities within a knowledge graph platform, while dynamically fact-checking LLM outputs to ensure that they are grounded in fact-based knowledge.”

As a Neuro-Symbolic AI Platform, AllegroGraph 8 combines machine learning (statistical AI) with knowledge and reasoning (symbolic AI) capabilities.

According to the company, this powerful combination enables AllegroGraph to solve complex problems that require reasoning and learn efficiently with less data, thereby expanding applicability across a broad array of tasks.

The blending of machine learning and reasoning in AllegroGraph 8 also produces decisions that are understandable to humans and explainable, an important step in the progression of AI.

The advancements in AllegroGraph 8.0 encompass the following transformative capabilities and enhancements:

  • Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) for LLMs
  • Natural Language Queries and Reasoning
  • Enterprise Document Deep-insight
  • AI Symbolic Rule Generation
  • Streamlined Ontology and Taxonomy Creation
  • Enhanced Scalability and Performance AI and Knowledge Graph Leadership

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