AllegroGraph Receives Certification on Cloudera Enterprise

Franz Inc. is releasing an updated version of its AllegroGraph platform along with receiving certification on the latest release of Cloudera Enterprise through the Cloudera Certified Technology Program (CCTP).

 “This can run something like four trillion connections in the database,” said Jans Aasman, CEO of Franz. “There’s no solution on the planet that can hold all of those so we needed a solution. We said we are going to combine our graph database with the Hadoop platform.”

According to the vendor, the combination of AllegroGraph and Cloudera Enterprise eases the integration of highly complex big data, including large public datasets, and enables real-time analytics across distributed data, while leveraging the highest performance and most cost effective storage. It allows enterprises to run highly complex queries to enable predictive analytics and real time decision-making within a myriad of industries such as healthcare, life sciences, financial services, intelligence/national security, and publishing.

“We use Cloudera to store all the graph elements,” Aasman said. “We are the first to put a semantic graph database on top of the Cloudera platform so you can do extremely complicated queries but also do unstructured and unpredictable knowledge graphs about diseases and what have you.”

The platform can run mission-critical applications that require data resiliency using features like ACID compliance to ensure data is never lost.For more information about the platform and certification with Cloudera, visit