Alooma Releases Platform that Connects to Real-Time Data Streams

Alooma is releasing the Alooma service, creating secure pipelines that stream data in real-time from any source, including databases, applications, and APIs.

The Alooma platform provides data plumbing software, enabling organizations to connect disparate data silos within minutes to AWS Redshift, Google BigQuery, and Snowflake.

It natively supports most popular data sources including MySQL, Postgres, MongoDB, iOS, Android, Salesforce, REST, Segment, Mixpanel, Google Analytics, and many more.

“Users can build their own applications, they can build analytics, they can build machine learning, they can build security applications, or any data application that they want to build,” said Yair Weinberger, CTO at Alooma.

The platform includes features such as schema changes, a code engine, auto-mapping, and live monitoring.

Data scientists who want to unlock their data, along with users in the data warehouse and analytics space will benefit from this platform, according to Weinberger.

Alooma’s goal is to continue to expand its operations and platform, Weinberger said, along with improving its services to integrate with more software.

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